JFSH Horse Show Team


All horse show fees must be paid one week prior to the horse show date or the rider will not be going to that show.

western style helmetAll riders will be required to wear a helmet during their English and Western classes. We feel it is necessary for the safety and well being of our students. There are many colors of helmets, or covers that can be placed over the helmet if the student would like to match his/her riding attire. Judges do not count against a rider for wearing a helmet in a Western riding class. The health and safety of JFSH students is the number one priority.

At the show

If a rider does not have equipment/tack that is required for every show, it will be provided by JFSH. Any items that need to be borrowed must be checked out in the office and checked back in by the borrower within one day after the horse show. These items are the rider's responsibility and need to be returned to JFSH clean and in the same condition as borrowed. Any items lost or broken must be fixed or replaced by the rider.

The JFSH staff will prep, groom, longe, and tack-up riders' horses and help out in any way to make it a fun and successful horse show.

trailer at showShow horses need to be cared for after every show. Each rider is responsible for his/her horse, whether it is owned, leased, or borrowed. Each horse needs to be rinsed off, bands pulled out of the mane and/or tail, groomed properly and ready to go onto the horse trailer when the rider has completed the show. Students need to return to the farm to put their horse away and check in their borrowed equipment. All riders must be accompanied by an adult or JFSH staff member when using the horse show wash racks. When necessary, parents will need to assist riders in order to fulfill these requirements, or the riders will not be allowed to show.

Thank you for your continued interest in and dedication to the JFSH Horse Show Team. JFSH looks forward to an exciting, successful, and fun show season.

Winner!Blue Ribbon Show Schedule 2011

April 10
May 22
September 4
Dec 11

Show Circuit/ Pinto Shows 2011 Schedule

April 16
May 14
September 3
October 15
November 27

Show Team Fees

Show Team fees include: show prep, coaching, equipment and/or horse as needed.

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