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Regular Lesson Program

The regular lesson program is designed for individuals wanting to learn and develop their horsemanship skills in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. The majority of students attend a group class once a week, and the class develops at a pace tailored for the members of the group. Private and longe line lessons are also available.

The riding classes teach a broad range of equitation skills from the basics of all 3 gaits, to beginning Young student at lesson timetechniques of western horsemanship, trail, jumping, dressage or pleasure. Students ride a wide assortment of horses of different breeds, so they become familiar with and understand the differences each new mount presents.

Included with the horsemanship skills acquired, students are encouraged to learn how to bathe and clip horses, clean and care for tack, and to longe horses. On the lighter side, there are game days to break the routine of working classes; (Yes, games ARE played on horseback!).

Adult riding studentTo boost the skills learned in class, student horse shows are planned on a regular basis for students to put their knowledge to practical use. These shows are always an exciting event: all classes are judged, and all students receive ribbons for their participation. The experience and enjoyment of competing in a real horse show helps students set goals as they discover their level of skill.

JFSH recognizes that different individuals will develop at their own pace, so any student who feels they are being either held back or pushed too quickly should talk to the instructor about making a change; there are always other levels of classes and a wide variety of times to choose from. It is very important to JFSH that each student receive the quality of instruction they require and deserve.

Advanced Classes too!Practice Ride Sessions

Once basic ground skills (such as tacking up and grooming) are mastered, Practice Ride Sessions are offered to all students at affordable rates. The student may come out into the arena for an hour and practice, under supervision, the riding skills they have been learning.

Girl and her horseHobby Horse Package

This is a very economical way to practice having a horse to call your own, without all of the financial responsibilities of ownership. Come to ride, groom, play and visit with the horse you choose. Two lessons per week are included in the package, and students are welcome to ride anytime instructors are teaching. (A one-half Hobby Horse Program is also available.)

City of Scottsdale Introductory Lesson Program

Horsemanship Skills I & Horsemanship Skills II

This is a very economical way to explore the first lessons that all students must learn. We begin with exploring the basics of grooming, foot care, saddling, and handling horses safely, while on the ground. Students then move into the saddle to learn basic control of the horse at a walk and trot.

The City of Scottsdale offers our introductory programs through their Outdoor Recreation Program. For registration and information, please call the Scottsdale Parks & Recreation -Outdoor Recreation Program at 480-312-7957.

Workshops are offered in 2 week sessions. Sign up at the City of Scottsdale's website - Browse Programs for "Leisure Education Classes" and "Outdoor Programs" to find schedule and register.

Community Service Programs

JFSH also offers special Horsemanship Programs for various community youth and adult groups.


Girl and Boy Scouts can work towards their merit badges at a very reasonable rate. Working in groups of six (6), Scouts pay a set fee for each lesson. Please call for pricing.

Home School Groups

Contact us for unique Physical Education activity and/or for an all around equine experience.

Other Special Groups

If you have a group that is working on something to do with horsemanship and you are looking for the right place to go for help, please contact JFSH for assistance. A program can be designed with your unique needs in mind.

show teamShow Team / Horse Shows

Local outside horse shows are available periodically and school horse owners are encouraged to join in. Please contact JFSH for coaching fees at show.

Occasionally there are school horses available to rent to take to horse shows. Please see JFSH regarding availability and ask about rental and coaching fees.

Please be aware that all show expenses (ie: trailering to & from show, class entrance fees, drug tests, show clothes, etc.) are the responsibility of the student or parent. For more information CLICK HERE.

Horse Sales

School HorseWhen the time comes to purchase your own horse, let us help you find the right one for you and your family. JFSH always has horses for sale, both in and out of the School, for fun and for the show. (See the School Horse Program listed immediately below for inexpensive board options.)

School Horse Program

Own a horse? Want to beat the cost of board? The most cost-effective way to keep your horse is through the School Horse Program wherein JFSH pays a portion of your board and keeps your horse exercised, clipped, and scheduled for routine vet and farrier care, as well as providing lots of TLC!!

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