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Financial Policies





Lesson and Other Program Fees

Show fees, camps, birthday parties, etc. will be charged separately from lesson packages.  In order to reserve the day and time spot for your lesson or other program, payment of fees is required in advance of any lessons or other programs for the number of times the lessons or other programs fall in any given month.

Lesson Packages

All students must purchase a package for lessons.  Attendance will be taken at each lesson. Package credit and attendance records will reflect each time a student rides in a lesson or on a practice ride. NO NEED FOR MAKE-UPS. Please note that a 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. LESSON PACKAGES WILL BE DEBITED FOR NO-SHOWS WITHOUT A 24 HOUR CANCELLATION PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED LESSON.

Refund Policy of Paid Lesson and Other Program Fees

The State of Arizona does not have laws governing customer/client rights to cancel contracts or purchase agreements. Requests to receive a refund is dependent on extenuating circumstances including but not limited to:

  • A documented/verifiable medical issue that restricts participating in future lessons or other programs.
  • Move out of State.

Each refund request will be considered based on details and information provided to JFSH.

Refund requests must be made promptly before any scheduled lesson or other programs.  Once a lesson or other program has been scheduled, no refund can be issued for those scheduled sessions or programs.

Student Rules





Clothing Requirements

Your Safety and Comfort are our number one concern. For safety reasons, tennis shoes and hiking boots ARE NOT PERMITTED. All riders should wear LONG PANTS and BOOTS WITH HEELS. Safety helmets are REQUIRED & MUST MEET ASTM SEI safety standards. JFSH will supply helmets if needed. Bike helmets are NOT permitted.

Tack-up Areas

A reminder to family and friends, Moms and Dads. The tack-up areas, ie: tack room, pens, hitch rail, etc. are for instructors and their students only. You are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch. Please find a place near the picnic table and chairs area, have a seat and relax, and we will bring the class to you.

Student Drop Off / Pick Up

  2. Turn right just after lane ends,pass first barn on left, park in front of second barn
  3. No early drop offs/late pick-ups…Our instructors are teaching and cannot be expected to follow loose children. This presents an unnecessary hardship for everyone.
  4. If a student must wait for any reason, they must remain in the JFSH area of the ranch. Walking through other barns, feeding/petting/visiting horses around the ranch is NOT PERMITTED.
  5. Last, but not least, parents please inform your children of these rules. Parent awareness and involvement makes enforcement much easier.

Cancellations / Make-ups






Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the beginning of a scheduled class to avoid being charged.

Rainy Days – PLEASE READ!!

We don’t have many of these here in sunny Arizona, but if it is raining, classes may or may not be cancelled. Please always call to check if classes are being held prior to coming to the School. Also, be aware that following heavy rains, the arenas may be too muddy or slick for riding. Be sure to call, even if the sun is shining after a rain! Contact your instructor or JFSH.

Make-Up Lessons

Many students are concerned that missing a lesson –whether due to illness, vacation or rain — could set them back a little. If you wish to make up any lessons, please feel free to inquire about an open time for extra lessons. Please contact your instructor or Joni for more info.

Legal Notices





Waiver Forms

Waiver forms must be signed before students take their first lesson. A parent or legal guardian must sign for students under the age of 18. Forms are available online in PDF file format HERE. Bring your filled out and signed form to your first lesson.

Liability of Equine Owners and Equine Facilities

By statute in Arizona, an equine owner or agent of an equine owner may by contract, insulate themselves from liability for injuries suffered by a participant engaged in equine activities. See Arizona Revised Statutes ARS 12-553.

12-553. Limited liability of equine owners and owners of equine facilities; exception; definitions

A. An equine owner or an agent of an equine owner who regardless of consideration allows another person to take control of an equine is not liable for an injury to or the death of the person if:

1. The person has taken control of the equine from the owner or agent when the injury or death occurs.

2. The person or the parent or legal guardian of the person if the person is under eighteen years of age has signed a release before taking control of the equine.

3. The owner or agent has properly installed suitable tack or equipment or the person has personally tacked the equine with tack the person owned, leased or borrowed. If the person has personally tacked the equine, the person assumes full responsibility for the suitability, installation and condition of the tack.

4. The owner or agent assigns the person to a suitable equine based on a reasonable interpretation of the person’s representation of his skills, health and experience with and knowledge of equines.

B. Subsection A does not apply to an equine owner or agent of the equine owner who is grossly negligent or commits wilful, wanton or intentional acts or omissions.

C. An owner, lessor or agent of any riding stable, rodeo ground, training or boarding stable or other private property that is used by a rider or handler of an equine with or without the owner’s permission is not liable for injury to or death of the equine or the rider or handler.

D. Subsection C does not apply to an owner, lessor or agent of any riding stable, rodeo ground, training or boarding stable or other private property that is used by a rider or handler of an equine if either of the following applies:

1. The owner, lessor or agent knows or should know that a hazardous condition exists and the owner, lessor or agent fails to disclose the hazardous condition to a rider or handler of an equine.

2. The owner, lessor or agent is grossly negligent or commits wilful, wanton or intentional acts or omissions.

E. As used in this section:

1. “Equine” means a horse, pony, mule, donkey or ass.

2. “Release” means a document that a person signs before taking control of an equine from the owner or owner’s agent and that acknowledges that the person is aware of the inherent risks associated with equine activities, is willing and able to accept full responsibility for his own safety and welfare and releases the equine owner or agent from liability unless the equine owner or agent is grossly negligent or commits wilful, wanton or intentional acts or omissions. Action of undergoing horsemanship training and any related equine activities with Joni Fitts, and/or the Joni Fitts School of Horsemanship, and any agents, servants and/or employees of Joni Fitts, all participants are required to sign a written release agreement with the school. Those participants under 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian sign the written release on their behalf.